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Have you ever wondered what to wear on a fall/winter event? Well, I want to share with you some of my favorite evening dresses for fall/winter special occasions.

Look at those stunning dresses. Down below in the video, you will see two different styles: luxurious style and modest vintage style. I love both styles, they are feminine and modest, but I personally prefer the vintage style.

Dresses under $100: Red winter dress wool Grey pleated long wool dressBurgundy long sleeve wool bridesmaids dressElegant blue wool winter dress Long sleeve wool dress Grey

Dresses under $300: URSULA DRESS maroon with pink contrasting sleeves

Dresses under $500: JOHRA DRESS maroonSENSATIONAL DRESS blue

Dresses under $600: DIVINE DRESS Gold metallic-effect

Dresses under $700: LORETTA GOWN pink dress

All the dresses under $100 are from Xiaolizi. These are my personal favorites The dresses are affordable and made of wool, so these are also cozy and comfortable. I find them pretty cheap, considering the quality of the fabric. Xiaolizi it’s a small brand from China, they make all the clothes handmade, and you can send them your size to make them perfectly for you or if you have any specifications. I love promoting affordable brand with high-quality fabric like this.

The Xiaolizi dresses are pretty much in the same style and they don’t have a lot of color variations due to the fabric, but they still are versatile and you can wear them on special occasions or for a casual outfit.

You can pair this dresses with one of the Xiaolizi coats, also made of wool. It was so hard to choose which coat to share in the picture, I love them all. You can mix and match the dresses and colors however you want because these complement each other and you have the perfect outfits for Winter events or casual wear.

Affordable wool coats

I also have a discount code, when you purchase from Xiaolizi website, use my Coupon Code: MODESTANDMINIMALIST and you get 15% off.

Some outfits inspiration:

The dresses over $300 are designer dresses from baruni. The Baruni design ethic focuses on delivering a strong confident look with fabulous fabrics. You can pair them with a cape like this one made of mink fur or with one made of artificial mink.

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