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How to make maternity capsule wardrobe and postpartum – Fall and Winter

Are you in search of an affordable and budget-friendly maternity capsule wardrobe? Look no further, as this article will provide you with all the necessary information and advice to help you achieve a stylish look without spending money on items that you won’t need after 2-3 months.

Pregnancy it’s a unique experience in our lives, for some of us it’s very smooth and enjoyable, while for others may not be the best feeling, especially in the first trimester.

While with morning sickness and nausea, the best remedy is time, dressing your belly should not stress or overwhelm you.

I know how challenging can be to pick out clothing that best flattering your growing baby bump, I also was in panic mode when my jeans stopped buttoning and my dress stopped zipping.

The good news is that you can still dress stylishly, whether you’re trying to conceal your bump or show it off.

Maternity capsule wardrobe

How to build a maternity capsule wardrobe?

A maternity capsule wardrobe will help you feel confident and comfortable when your body is changing faster than you have ever seen.

If you are in the early stage of pregnancy, or your bump just started to show, you probably wondering how your wardrobe will change, what to wear, and how much it will cost (especially if you are on a budget).

As long as you already wore modest clothes, you are one step ahead of other moms-to-be because maxi dresses and loose-fitting clothing are pretty comfortable and may be worn almost your entire pregnancy. If you didn’t, don’t worry, you still save some money if you spend it wisely. For that follow the next steps:

  1. Buy maternity clothes that are nursing friendly. This way, you can continue to wear them even after giving birth, without having to invest in separate nursing clothes. I suggest investing in items that you’d wear before pregnancy, such as button-down shirts or dresses. This will ensure that you not only feel comfortable but also stylish during this special time.
  2. Buy non-maternity clothes – as I said, if you don’t already have, buy some oversized shirts, sweaters, or flowy dresses that will serve you long after your pregnancy. Choose clothes that you would like and wear even if you wouldn’t be pregnant
  3. Invest in some nursing bras. When your boob is getting way bigger than your usual size, I suggest getting some good and comfortable nursing bras (I love the H&M nursing bras) because after you stop breastfeeding your beasts will go back to your normal size – assuming that you plan on breastfeeding, if you don’t just go with a size or two up of bras.
  4. Check your closet for loose-fitting clothes, oversized or your husband’s closet. I love wearing his T-shirts at home while I’m pregnant.

How many items for a maternity capsule wardrobe?

So let’s make a list of essential maternity clothes:

  1. Nursing bras – I suggest getting two sets because you will use them non-stop, you will sleep in them and you will want to be comfortable
  2. Maxi dresses and thick tights – always comfortable, and feminine and you can wear them all the time, not only in pregnancy. Just be careful to choose the ones that are flowy in your bump area and not too tight on your breast zone
  3. Flowy shirts – again, you can get a lot of usage out of these, not only in your pregnancy – comfortable and casual. You don’t have to get them from maternity shops, you can get whatever you like, but I advise getting longer shirts with buttons for easy access when you breastfeed
  4. Flowy mini dress – that my favorite hack for modest wear. I love wearing mini dresses with pants, instead of shirts. These cover perfectly the back side and are very cute and stylish. More importantly, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your baby bump, adding a touch of maternity charm to your attire! 
  5. Oversized sweaters – when the temperature drops, a nice sweater paired with a jacket or a coat will keep you warm.
  6. Cardigans – doesn’t have to be maternity ones, you can choose anything you like and leave it unbuttoned
  7. Pants or leggings – I don’t like maternity pants at all, I don’t feel comfortable wearing them, I prefer maxi dresses and thick tights for the cold season, but for the sake of this post I’m going add them to the list. If you’re not into maxi dresses, you surely will need some maternity pants or leggings.
  8. Jacket/Coat – You don’t have to invest in a new jacket or coat, just let it hang open. But if you are the kind that loves getting out no matter how the weather is, you may want to invest in an inexpensive coat (Amazon or H&M have some cute affordable ones) that comes with features to accommodate baby-wearing. If you don’t want a maternity coat, I suggest buying one over-sized or a straight-style coat.
  9. Shoes – maybe the opposite of what you would think that flat shoes are the comfiest, wearing them too much can give pregnant women back pain, and the specialists recommend wearing sports shoes, and clogs (these are worn by many doctors and nurses in the hospitals) and with a low and wide heeled shoes that will confer you a good posture. Don’t forget that has to be comfortable and easy to pull on. Also, your legs will get a little bigger (due to water retention and they will come back to normal shortly after giving birth) so avoid buying boots or opt for some that have more room, like cowboy boots.

I know it looks like a big list, but you don’t need everything from above, I wrote that only for you to check what you already have and what options you have to choose from when you decide to purchase your maternity capsule wardrobe.

How much it will cost? Minimalist and affordable list

For fall and winter

So after you checked your closet and my essentials list from above, let’s assume that you don’t have anything to wear after you hit 5 or 6 months of pregnancy and nothing fits you anymore.

Let’s check the list of essential maternity clothes from above and see how many items and how much they will cost. I made a list of all products from Amazon because it’s just one stop to buy and they have pretty nice things at affordable prices. But you cand also check H&M or Old-navy for affordable maternity clothes.

Maternity capsule wardrobe for fall and winter
  1. Baby carrier jacket $44.99 – I love this jacket, isn’t a must, but if you don’t have anything to wear during wintertime that keeps you warm that’s a good choice to keep in mind. You can also wear with your baby for winter walks. But if you prefer a non-maternity coat, you can opt for this wool coat.
  2. Sweatshirt mini dress $33.99 – I already told you about that mini dress hack that I love to use for modest wear, you can also use it when you want to dress your bump with some maternity pants or leggings. That is a sweatshirt that will also give you some extra coziness during the colder days and it a non-maternity item
  3. White oversized sweater$41.99 – warm oversized sweater and non-maternity, you can wear it many time after your pregnancy
  4. Oversized blackstripes sweater$45.99non-maternity cozy sweater
  5. Maternity long sleeve tee shirts 2pcs$39.98 – that it’s really soft with your bump and it’s nice to have it even after birth
  6. Oversized button shirt $35.98non-maternity oversized shirt for a stylish look in pregnancy and after, also nursing friendly
  7. Flowy mini dress$41.99 – another non-maternity mini dress for a nice and chic look
  8. Oversized button white shirt $29.49 – that shirt it’s an essential for every wardrobe, you can never go wrong with such a statement, non-maternity
  9. Maternity pants for work $34.99 – this is very nice for working mothers-to-be, add an oversized shirt or a mini flowy dress and you have a casual working outfit
  10. Maternity flare jeans black $36.99 – they are stretchy and pretty comfortable
  11. Maternity flare jeans navy blue$35.99 – this is another option in a more classic jeans color, you can buy in both color, or pick the one you love the most
  12. Maternity legging$27.99 or $46.99 for two pcs – you can wear them with dresses
  13. Maxi beige dress$49.99 – I recommended so many of this dress in my other blogs, I love it so much. It can be worn the whole year long and it’s also very nice when it comes to dressing the bump, non-maternity
  14. Maternity dress$35.99 – that’s a nice and comfortable black maternity dress, easy to style, or you can opt for this one ($36.99) that is also nursing-friendly
  15. Oversized cardigan $41.99non-maternity cute oversized cardigan
  16. Maternity nursing bras for sleep $34.99 – these come in a pack of four, and they are making night breastfeeding so much easier
  17. Maternity nursing bras$79.99 – a set of three maternity bras that are very comfortable and nice to wear under your everyday outfit
  18. Dr. Scolls slip on sneakers$49.99 – these shoes are great for all seasons and easy to put them on, especially in pregnancy when you are looking for some shoes that have good support
  19. Knee high boots$47.98 – comfortable high boots that have enough room for pregnancy-swollen legs and with low and wide-heel

The majority of these chic pieces aren’t even maternity-specific! That means you can totally rock them long after your little bundle of joy makes their grand entrance!

HATCH has some beautiful maternity clothes if you want to check them out.

Fortune estimates that pregnant women, on average, spend almost $500 per pregnancy on maternity clothes. 

That is my minimalist list of maternity capsule wardrobe that will give you plenty of outfits through your pregnancy journey and have a value of $810.28, considering that you don’t already have anything on the list. You can definitely cut a lot from the list if you have some of the items because only $390.9 is spent on maternity clothes, and $419.38 is for regular clothes.

You can also borrow maternity clothes from your close friends or buy from thrift stores to save same money.

Maternity shoes

Hey, expectant mothers! I bet you never imagined a time when comfy, accommodative, and stylish footwear would become such a priority, right? — Well, welcome to pregnancy! But before you wave a tearful goodbye to those sky-high stilettos or cute kitten heels tucked away in your closet, let me tell you — maternity footwear can also be totally stylish and cool!

 Now, you might be thinking, “Why do I need special shoes during pregnancy?” Ahaa! Good question. First off, our feet aren’t immune to the delightful set of experiences that pregnancy brings. Swelling, fluid retention, or even an unexpected increase in foot size — they’re all part of the package. It’s all about maximum comfort with a dash of style when it comes to maternity footwear. 

Here are my top footwear suggestions for your maternity capsule wardrobe:

Maternity shoes

Obviously, you won’t need all of them, just make sure you have the one you like and that matches your style.

What new moms wear in the hospital?

Comfortable clothes. If for the pregnancy period and postpartum, we set our minimalist and fashionable maternity capsule wardrobe, for the hospital you would only need to focus on comfortable clothes.

Belive me, you won’t care so much about fashion or how stylish you are.

To prepare for your hospital stay, you’ll want to pack 2 nightgowns (like this or this one) that have buttons or are easy for breastfeeding, a pair of cheap slippers (preferably ones that can be used in the shower), and a cozy bathrobe. You may also want to bring a pair of socks for extra comfort.

When you bring your newborn home, you won’t stress much about your outfit. You’ll be overjoyed after giving birth and have some sensitive areas. So, you’ll only need some loose pants and a T-shirt, or a flowy easy-to-put-on dress if it’s summer. For winter I love the two-pack set from Amazon (or this one) and a coat over and that’s it.

If you are looking for a hospital bag for you and your baby, just write in the comment below and I will update the post with a list of baby essentials in the hospital. Also, subscribe to my email list to know when I updated the post and to be the first to know when I post new articles.

Post-partum capsule wardrobe

Dear mama! After you just give birth, you won’t worry as much about your wardrobe or your outfits that much. You will have a little human in your arms and you will focus on dressing and styling him (besides feeding, changing and all the care that you have).

Minimal postpartum wardrobe, maternity capsule wardrobe fall and winter

Do you know that women who get back to their pre-pregnancy size right away? Yeah, they are few, and if you are one of them, you can skip this part. If you don’t, do you remember my advise from above to be wise when you create your maternity capsule wardrobe? Your maternity clothes will serve perfectly as postpartum clothes and nursing friendly if you followed my advices.

You will only need to add some nursing tanks – you will live on this at home – and postpartum essentials, but for clothes, you won’t need more than my list from above.

So enjoy this moment, you are beautiful. Give yourself and your body time and grace to heal and get back to your “normal” shape. Meanwhile, check my other blogs about matching outfits with your baby 😊

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). I only recommend products I genuinely love. Thanks for supporting what I do 🙂

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