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How to combine cottagecore style and modest wear

Hi there! After I seen how much you liked old-money style, I decided to give a try to another trending style: cottagecore.

Cottagecore is a celebration of all things nature-forward, rustic, and charming. Dive into these timeless trends, all while keeping your unique flair of modesty intact.

This style substantially differs from the old-money aesthetics. Instead of blending them, it’s more beneficial to commit to one style. 

Remember fashion is all about expressing your unique personality in the most comfortable way, finding your own style and adapted to your lifestyle. 

So, while I share different trending styles that I love and adapt them to modest wearing, I will advise you to read attentively through the blog to all the different styles that I promote, to look carefully at your lifestyle, and then implement the style that suits you the best.Ā 

I personally do like this style, of course adapted to modest wearing, and I will write and share with you in the style I would love to wear or adapt to my lifestyle.

On my blog, you’ll find different fashion styles information and recommendations, and outfit ideas for each, only to allow you to learn all about different styles before you choose the one that is the best for you. While I do love all of them, I don’t incorporate them into my style just because it will create chaos and it will be far away from a minimalist intended wardrobe, that is my main goal for my lifestyle.

In this article, I will give you some information about this style, how to combine it with modest fashion, and some outfit recommendations like I already accustomed you!

Cottagecore style, vintage modest outfits

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If you want to check the outfits from the picture above, we have:

In embracing the modest cottagecore aesthetic, it’s all about blending the simplicity of rural life with a dash of vintage charm. 

What is cottagecore style?

Adopting the modest cottagecore style is like journeying back to a simpler era. It wonderfully blends the simple charm of country living with a dash of antique elegance. As you embrace this unique aesthetic, modesty acts as your compass – leading you to a nostalgic and serene experience reminiscent of simpler times.

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  1. Sheenia Denae | Lifestyle Blogger Avatar

    Iā€™m a traditionalist at heart, so I really love this post. Nice photos as well!

    1. Mirela Avatar

      Thank you, I glad you liked it!

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